Friday, 3 July 2009


OMG I’m laughing my arse off!!! Well it’s been a long time since I have posted on here but today needs an update on what I’ve read.

Today my best mate called me up to let me know a new scam has hit eve online, even though I don’t play no more I still have an interest in the game, so don’t worry your safe; actually no you’re not it seems lol.

After reading the website I see a player called ricdic was the scammer, this name rang a bell, also the fact Australia was mentioned as this is where the guy is from its reported. So i decided to do a little searching on the eve search site to find out that I’m right! Ricdic and r0me0 had crossed paths.

Ricdic at the time was researching peoples BPOS which can be of extremely high value, I was also offering the same service at the time, he actually wanted to work together and partner up with me, but after i purchased a domain name ( he told me he was planning to buy as part of his advertising strategy. it was safe to say he had it in for me with endless fighting and bitching in the forums saying if I could steal his ideas I couldn’t be trusted. Fair enough he was proven right as time went on but you got to love what’s come around.

Now it seems our good old friend ricdic the almighty trusted one has pulled his own scam, well it’s not even a scam really more of a cop out. He had some medical bills and needed a deposit on a house, so decided to bail out and steal his control share of 200+ Billions ISK out of the EBANK making around £3,000+

Well if you’re reading this ricdic can you do me a favour and stand in front of the mirror and recite all the names you called me in private and public and the questionable morality issues you claimed i had outside of the game, take care.

As for all them who followed ricdic and bitched at myself have fun in the asteroid belts spending countless hours trying to regain your wealth you noobs.

To all my fans, please post this latest news blog in as many old threads of ricdic’s and the EBANK Theads for all to enjoy.

Here is an old thread of both myself r0me0 and ricdic