Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Roy 2006

After hanging out my dirty lining it seem there is still people out there who don’t know about my research scam, and contacting me. So I say still take advantage and see how far I can take it.

A guy who I was researching some blueprints for contacted me tonight, at first I though here we go, he’s seen the thread and come to vent some steam or beg for them back. Instead he says: “just checking on my BPO's”.

Thinking to my self, he doesn’t even know what’s happened or gone on in the past few days I will see if I can scam him, so I carry on to say that his blueprints are ready for him to collect, and then interrupt the convo with a request to borrow some ISK quickly.

Knowing that this guy doesn’t generally have much ISK from previous dealings in the past I made some excuse that I was 50 Million ISK short and I needed to claim an item from the escrow/contract and would only need it for 10mins or so. He agreed to this and transferred the funds right away.

Carrying on the pretence, I sent him a link to my Confession Thread and said check this guy out, this was my subtle way of telling him he’s just been scammed, where his next statement was a picture to be framed.
10 minutes later. “dude did you just scam me?”

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