Saturday, 30 December 2006

Templer Relleg Round 2

That dam address book is a curse at times, it’s harder to ignore a person when your convo auto opens, stupid thing… Oh well.

Templer Relleg convos me, asking if his blueprints where done, so tell him they finish tonight, and then he comes out with…

“Its done, or not? I think your mail said yesterday after DT, if im not mistaken”

Dam, I forgot I sent this guy a quote with the completion date in. Not much of a problem though instead I feed him some bollox that, yeah the blueprints are complete but I am to far away at the moment to complete the actual job. This seems to do the trick.

He then gets on to the subject of how he’s looking to create an industrial alt so he can eventually have his own Tower and Mobile Labs to research from, but tells me he doesn’t have the standing. Next thing he’s saying how he’s even looking for a corporation to join which has the standings already and form some deal with them for allowing him to install one etc… Well I saw an opportunity here for sure.

So I begin to tell him how I use to do that my self, and I had a couple of guys who needed so many research slots I didn’t have any spare for my self any more so offered them the chance to purchase there own and install it under my corporation and they can then self manage there own Towers, and in exchange I got to use some of there spare slots etc.

Well with that I felt a tug on the fishing rod as my little fishy bit and pulled. Starting to real him in I told him how it all works etc and he was very interested and keen, so much so within a couple of minutes he told me he and the ISK to purchase a small Tower and a few Mobile Labs right now and could he join my corporation and do this.

I did have one slight problem though; I no longer had any standing’s to install a Tower in empire that I was claiming, but that wasn’t going to stop me. Instead I thought I could quite easy either get him to pass me the items and I would do it, and if not and he really wanted to do it, I could just ambush him with one of my PVP alts since you can kill corporation members with no intervention from concord.

After giving him the details he needed to place an application to join my corporation he told me there was a problem.

“You cannot join this corporation as you are Gallente and this corporation only accepts the following races: Caldari. If the CEO has the skill Ethnic Relations, this would not be a problem. Notice: The CEO must update his corporation through the corp...”

Well this was proving a little harder, but still not letting this stop me I told him it was going to take an hour or so for me to train my skills to sort this problem out, but in the mean time to save time if he wanted I would anchor the Tower etc for him as it’s a 30 minute process and would save time, he agreed and gave me his small tower worth around 100 Million ISK, I wasn’t stopping there tough as I wanted them dam Mobile Labs they cost 90 Million ISK each and he had 3 of them.

He tells me how he will do them as we have to wait anyhow for the Tower to anchor and then to activate it. So my plan at this point was to bluff the tower being anchored and online and when he was in the corporation ready I would go back to my first plan and ambush him for the Mobile Labs.

A few moments later he comes back and I couldn’t believe my luck, he tells me how he’s made a mistake and the Toon he was joining the corporation with didn’t have skills to use a hauler and got his accounts mixed up, so of course I said no worries I will just anchor them for you as well, before I got chance to say any more he said come to the station they are waiting for you, like a shot I was there and sure enough I now had 3 Mobile Labs worth 270 Million ISK in total, I combined value of 370 Million ISK

During the process of this I was chatting to one of my mates in game, keeping him updated, we was both laughing and couldn’t believe how I just took this guy quiet easy for 370 Million ISK.

A few moments later,

Templer Relleg > You put the POS up at Planet XI, Moon 1, in Muvolailen, yes?
R0ME0 > nah, decided to keep it
Templer Relleg > :?
Templer Relleg > Ya kidding me?
R0ME0 > yeah lol
Templer Relleg > Good
Templer Relleg > LOL :
Templer Relleg > But i dont see nothing at XI 1
R0ME0 > you sure? you at right moon?
Templer Relleg > In muv?
Templer Relleg > Ye, theres nothing :D
R0ME0 > ah they are still in my hanger... i'm going to keep them i think
Templer Relleg > Eh?
Templer Relleg > Why? :
Templer Relleg > You havent been sitting with me in a convo here for like.. 1 hour now, to scam me?
R0ME0 > yeah

A little cruel but so bloody funny at the same time, I wanted him to have that moment of relief, yet also know how close he was... I’m sure you know how it goes most of us have been there, but this was to have a twist.

I call it the emotional Yo Yo.

Fair game to him though, he did take it well and saw the funny side to it.

“Templer Relleg : Jesus, im never gonna trust people again.”

Thursday, 28 December 2006

Elaia Voneise Round 2

Past couple of days Elaia Voneise has been mailing me wanting to use my research services again. I had been avoiding her, a little as you will know; I tricked/scammed her into loaning me 214 Million ISK, since I missed an opportunity to steal any of her blueprints, after going to a cheaper researcher and looking at setting her own research tower up.

She wanted to take 100 Million ISK I had of hers from the loan and put them into shares, and then take the remainder 114 Million ISK and use that to pay for the research slots she wanted for the month.

This was perfect for me, yet at the same time a tricky one as I had no towers or labs, never mind the faction standings needed to anchor one in empire space, so there was quite a lot of things to catch me out here, but more the challenge and fun to trick/scam Elaia even more.

Once Elaia joined my corporation again I quickly gave her private access to one of the corporation hangers, this is needed for any blueprints researched under the corporation due to game mechanics.

So I’m sat glued to my screen waiting to see what blueprints she drops into the hanger. A couple of minutes go buy and the tight cow drops a cheap nasty Rig blueprint worth around 100K ISK, I was gutted. Using my CEO roles I take a look into her personal hanger and see some other cheap blueprints and a Drake... now this was what I was after with a market value of 342 Million ISK.

A few minutes pass and she sends me a mail saying she can’t see any of the installation labs etc. Well this was because there wasn’t any but I wasn’t leaving it at that, with that nice pretty Drake calling out my name. So I begin to use her noobish knowledge against her and inform her there is a known bug with the Rig blueprints.

These are a new addition to the game so thought it’s a plausible reason. Knowing she normally researches missile blueprints and the fact she doesn’t have any in her hanger I tell her.

"try testing it on another blueprint like a missile or a ship blueprint if you have any”

Being careful what I suggested using the missile blueprints, I thought she might go for this, but also knowing she doesn’t have any of these her only option if falling for what I was setting her up for which was to move that nice Drake blueprint of hers to the corporation hanger.

So again I am really glued to the screen now, waiting... Around 5-10 minutes pass (or certainly seemed that long) and OMG she fell for it, the Drake blueprint appeared in the corporation hanger which I allocated to her, like a flying bullet my mouse clicked on the blueprint and moved it to another hanger division where she didn’t have access. She then dropped a couple more blueprints in, nothing to special but I moved them too.

What shocked me next was, she still didn’t suspect anything, and if she did she wasn’t saying much.

Sunday, 24 December 2006

RAKker Boy

I got a request today from one of my marks (RAKker Boy) for some IPO shares. I actually met this guy on one of the trade channels wanting information on how to purchase ISK, where I informed him about how Game Time Codes worked and you can purchase them with real cash and sell them in game for ISK, it was at the time where I was re-selling GTC’s a lot and he soon became one of my suppliers.

It still amazes me how many still risk buying ISK from eBay when GTC is safer in every way and you get more for your money, anyway back to the scam.

After asking me how things worked when you own shares etc the he put a request in for 50 Million ISK worth of shares where of course I happily sent them to him.

I like to carry on chatting to my mark after the deal as I like to think it makes things all the more believable, than a simple good buy, and end the chat convo, sometimes it even gets them that excited and they buy into the scam even more.

Well this paid of as later into the convo with me he announces he’s wants to purchase another 150 Million ISK worth of shares, well what can I say “hook line and sinker” comes to mind, completing the deal.

Next thing he’s only advertising my IPO to his corporate mates, where his CEO comes online interested in them. However he was one tight arse as he only purchased the one share from me, or maybe my RAKker Boy just didn’t bullshit him enough as I did to him.

Chat Log

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Proton Power, Part 2


Well I sent off my quote late last night for Proton Power blueprint list and we settled on a price, well lets face it I was going to agree with what ever price his suggested really to just make sure he passed them on over to me.

This afternoon I logon to find I had an eve mail saying the blueprints where waiting for me. I had a look but couldn’t find anything. Noticing he was online I sent him a convo to double check. Turns out he spelt my name wrong but we soon got that fixed. There was that many blueprints he had to split the contract into two parts.

As soon as I claimed the blueprints I grabbed my shuttle and flew my arse on over to the station to which they where located as fast as its little engine could move. Finally docked I open my personal hanger and it was flooded with blueprints, I counted around 600-700, I gave up in the end.

This turned out to be a right good little score… all mine…

Templer Relleg Round 1

They just keep on coming.

Templer Relleg convos me last night turns out he wants some blueprints researching as well. Where they keep coming from I want to know, but so long as they keep coming I don’t mind.

Turns out he’s seen my old forum thread when I was going legit, surprised it’s not been trashed yet. He enquires about collateral etc which there’s no way I am going to give so I basically just fob him of and explain to him I don’t have the ISK to layout at the moment due to KALI being release and all my ISK tied up in new investments.

About 5 minutes later he says “ok”, “ill take the chance”.

Keeping in mind I still have no idea what he has that he wants me to research, I docked to receive a trade with 3 Cruiser blueprints to research worth around 100 – 150 Million ISK.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Jastor Morbix

It’s definitely my lucky night tonight, another guy called Jastor Morbix hits me up wanting some research on his blueprint. He’s told me how he’s already placed it in a public research station but he’s looking at a 20 day wait before it even begins to start researching. Hes so going to wish he left it where it was.

So I begin to sweet talk him and tell him how I can pretty much have his blueprint research in half the time privately. We spent a good hour chatting pasted the time I guess but this blueprint was worth it with a value of 360 Million ISK.

Got to wonder with some people, after he said this.

“u should know, its a big deal to me to trust u with the bpo lol. The last time I handed over a bpo to a friend, he disappeared for 3-4 months with it.”

Some people will never learn, he was a cheap twat anyway, wanted to pay me in blueprint copies on some crappy ship.

Proton Power, Part 1

Got a convo from Proton Power tonight, seen his name around in the blueprint channel here and there but never really taken much notice, well that soon changed when his opening line to me was;

“I have like 200 blueprints I don’t feel like researching, you interested?”

At first I thought they would be Rig blueprints to be honest and not worth that much, so after asking he said they where mostly ammo, drones and ships. Well with that I just smiled to my self and laughed my arse off, because I was going to relieve him permanently of these lovely little things.

Turns out he’s a researcher too, but just can’t be arsed with researching them all and wanted to farm the work out to me. About 20 minutes later I get an eve mail from him and it’s the full list of the blueprints he wants doing so I can put a quote together for him. Having a quick scan to see if there was anything good, I noticed there was well over 200 blueprints it was more like 500+, there wasn’t really any high end ones but still not bad for the amount of them, with multiple copies a good few hundred million ISK at least.