Sunday, 24 December 2006

RAKker Boy

I got a request today from one of my marks (RAKker Boy) for some IPO shares. I actually met this guy on one of the trade channels wanting information on how to purchase ISK, where I informed him about how Game Time Codes worked and you can purchase them with real cash and sell them in game for ISK, it was at the time where I was re-selling GTC’s a lot and he soon became one of my suppliers.

It still amazes me how many still risk buying ISK from eBay when GTC is safer in every way and you get more for your money, anyway back to the scam.

After asking me how things worked when you own shares etc the he put a request in for 50 Million ISK worth of shares where of course I happily sent them to him.

I like to carry on chatting to my mark after the deal as I like to think it makes things all the more believable, than a simple good buy, and end the chat convo, sometimes it even gets them that excited and they buy into the scam even more.

Well this paid of as later into the convo with me he announces he’s wants to purchase another 150 Million ISK worth of shares, well what can I say “hook line and sinker” comes to mind, completing the deal.

Next thing he’s only advertising my IPO to his corporate mates, where his CEO comes online interested in them. However he was one tight arse as he only purchased the one share from me, or maybe my RAKker Boy just didn’t bullshit him enough as I did to him.

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