Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Templer Relleg Round 1

They just keep on coming.

Templer Relleg convos me last night turns out he wants some blueprints researching as well. Where they keep coming from I want to know, but so long as they keep coming I don’t mind.

Turns out he’s seen my old forum thread when I was going legit, surprised it’s not been trashed yet. He enquires about collateral etc which there’s no way I am going to give so I basically just fob him of and explain to him I don’t have the ISK to layout at the moment due to KALI being release and all my ISK tied up in new investments.

About 5 minutes later he says “ok”, “ill take the chance”.

Keeping in mind I still have no idea what he has that he wants me to research, I docked to receive a trade with 3 Cruiser blueprints to research worth around 100 – 150 Million ISK.

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