Thursday, 28 December 2006

Elaia Voneise Round 2

Past couple of days Elaia Voneise has been mailing me wanting to use my research services again. I had been avoiding her, a little as you will know; I tricked/scammed her into loaning me 214 Million ISK, since I missed an opportunity to steal any of her blueprints, after going to a cheaper researcher and looking at setting her own research tower up.

She wanted to take 100 Million ISK I had of hers from the loan and put them into shares, and then take the remainder 114 Million ISK and use that to pay for the research slots she wanted for the month.

This was perfect for me, yet at the same time a tricky one as I had no towers or labs, never mind the faction standings needed to anchor one in empire space, so there was quite a lot of things to catch me out here, but more the challenge and fun to trick/scam Elaia even more.

Once Elaia joined my corporation again I quickly gave her private access to one of the corporation hangers, this is needed for any blueprints researched under the corporation due to game mechanics.

So I’m sat glued to my screen waiting to see what blueprints she drops into the hanger. A couple of minutes go buy and the tight cow drops a cheap nasty Rig blueprint worth around 100K ISK, I was gutted. Using my CEO roles I take a look into her personal hanger and see some other cheap blueprints and a Drake... now this was what I was after with a market value of 342 Million ISK.

A few minutes pass and she sends me a mail saying she can’t see any of the installation labs etc. Well this was because there wasn’t any but I wasn’t leaving it at that, with that nice pretty Drake calling out my name. So I begin to use her noobish knowledge against her and inform her there is a known bug with the Rig blueprints.

These are a new addition to the game so thought it’s a plausible reason. Knowing she normally researches missile blueprints and the fact she doesn’t have any in her hanger I tell her.

"try testing it on another blueprint like a missile or a ship blueprint if you have any”

Being careful what I suggested using the missile blueprints, I thought she might go for this, but also knowing she doesn’t have any of these her only option if falling for what I was setting her up for which was to move that nice Drake blueprint of hers to the corporation hanger.

So again I am really glued to the screen now, waiting... Around 5-10 minutes pass (or certainly seemed that long) and OMG she fell for it, the Drake blueprint appeared in the corporation hanger which I allocated to her, like a flying bullet my mouse clicked on the blueprint and moved it to another hanger division where she didn’t have access. She then dropped a couple more blueprints in, nothing to special but I moved them too.

What shocked me next was, she still didn’t suspect anything, and if she did she wasn’t saying much.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! Are you just really clever and devious or are thse guys just dumb? I'm guessing it's a mixture of the two, but perhaps you've had some careful, intelligent people fall for this stuff (?)

frug said...

Hahahaha. This one actually is kinda clever.

R0ME0 said...

Hehe, thanks for the comments guys, good to know people have found my blog.

Templer Relleg Round 2, will prove a good read if you like this one, very much the same.

It is shocking really isnt it.

Anonymous said...

ROMEO, r a fkin legend!!! I cannot stop laughin man :)

Please teach me some tricks in game, i beg of you :)

Nice one dude, im glued to the screen reading your blogs now :)

Name ingame is BigBoy Dan :)

Anonymous said...

you realy are a god for scams.
hope i wont fal for scams in game as there are realy clever scams in game.
keep posting pls :D