Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Jastor Morbix

It’s definitely my lucky night tonight, another guy called Jastor Morbix hits me up wanting some research on his blueprint. He’s told me how he’s already placed it in a public research station but he’s looking at a 20 day wait before it even begins to start researching. Hes so going to wish he left it where it was.

So I begin to sweet talk him and tell him how I can pretty much have his blueprint research in half the time privately. We spent a good hour chatting pasted the time I guess but this blueprint was worth it with a value of 360 Million ISK.

Got to wonder with some people, after he said this.

“u should know, its a big deal to me to trust u with the bpo lol. The last time I handed over a bpo to a friend, he disappeared for 3-4 months with it.”

Some people will never learn, he was a cheap twat anyway, wanted to pay me in blueprint copies on some crappy ship.

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