Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Proton Power, Part 1

Got a convo from Proton Power tonight, seen his name around in the blueprint channel here and there but never really taken much notice, well that soon changed when his opening line to me was;

“I have like 200 blueprints I don’t feel like researching, you interested?”

At first I thought they would be Rig blueprints to be honest and not worth that much, so after asking he said they where mostly ammo, drones and ships. Well with that I just smiled to my self and laughed my arse off, because I was going to relieve him permanently of these lovely little things.

Turns out he’s a researcher too, but just can’t be arsed with researching them all and wanted to farm the work out to me. About 20 minutes later I get an eve mail from him and it’s the full list of the blueprints he wants doing so I can put a quote together for him. Having a quick scan to see if there was anything good, I noticed there was well over 200 blueprints it was more like 500+, there wasn’t really any high end ones but still not bad for the amount of them, with multiple copies a good few hundred million ISK at least.

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