Saturday, 8 December 2007


Hello all,

My mate popped around and was showing me the new updates in the game and a video trailer of the graphics etc, having a look on the forums and still seeing me talked about brought back so many memories.

It’s been some time now since I last played, this time last year was when I was in the middle of collecting all them BPO, investments etc and ready to commit still known to eve as one of the biggest scams.

I decided to download the new client and give the game another crack, got some free time on my hands at the moment. Not sure what role I will take good or bad... I guess only time will tell, but watch this space and more important watch your backs.

For all my fans out there I will try and keep the blog updated without giving my identity away too much.

See you out there.

Monday, 26 March 2007

Lucy Vladimir

Yes i am r0me0's new alt :)

Thursday, 22 February 2007

Eve Radio DJ – PAWNED

This scam has actually made me some serious ISK, in to the 2 Billion mark now I think.

Well thought I would hit the eve-radio channel again, started posting my free ISK offer and they were all on my case, I think because they all know each other in that dam room and I hit one of them hard the other day.

Then DJ URRI asks what I am doing, so as I reply with “giving ISK away” and send him 500k to distract him from what I might be doing is a scam. Next thing I have a private convo request open from him.

So curious I start the convo and next I know I have got him to send me 10 Million ISK on the basis he might receive 100 Million back, oh dear.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The Switch - Stage 1

This is so dam funny,

It doesnt take a genius to work out a lot of people would like to see me suffer and die in the game, so i thought mmm how could i capitalise on such an idea. Then it came to me...

start a "KILL R0ME0 FUND!"

Okey so how do i get people to send me the ISK, as i cant obvously use r0me0 for this and will need to uncover one of my alts which has been in a corp for a while, i was planning to use this alt for corp theift but never mind this is more fun.

POA ( Plan Of Action)

1. Start a slaggin match between r0me0 and my secrect alt.
2. Initialize a War Dec on mentioned alts and his corp, can use privateers for this, will look more legit.

3. Start a KILL R0ME0 FUND! campain.
4. Pocket the FUNDS!

Friday, 16 February 2007

x10 ISK, Last Thoughts

Well Thursday was a very fruitful day, After the night before events I realised there’s just to many noobs with to much ISK who are all just to dumb, so I’m going to take all there ISK from them.

So I posted what’s now becoming my famous scam post…

“Yes i am the guy who stole 75Billion ISK in assets and ISK, i feel generous today so have 1 Billion isk to give away for FREE... what ever you send me i will send back x10 more.”

I say this because every wanabe scammer is jumping on the band wagon now and using this scam, some so lazy they don’t even edit the post at all. I guess I can only take this as a complement.

I camped the Jita Local Channel again purely because that’s where all the noob’s hang out and the population there is in the mid hundreds.

As usual I was up against a lot of players constantly saying this is a scam warning people off and actually pointing everyone to this Blog, what’s funny is anyone with have a brain cell would come check the Blog out at least and when here would know without a doubt this is a scam and there going to loose there ISK.

Yet people ignore this and carry on regardless, I do wonder if any of these people actually play an important role in real life because I am starting to worry now lol.

Some of the comments where so funny emailing me and saying things like “are you going to keep your word, and send me my isk”, oh dear… not being rude I reply to there eve mails keeping it to the point with a nice “No” as a response.

After checking my wallet today and only acknowledging all them who sent over 1 Million ISK I have list of 47 players who send me ISK, this does not include the others who sent less, yes OMG they are in deed all retards, how they have managed to live so long I don’t know.

For fun I think I will post all the names of the players who sent me 1 Million Plus, its in the format of a leader board so you can actually see how much people where sending me and what the most amount was, lol. You never know maybe you could email these guys and ask for some fee ISK shouldn’t be to hard to get it from them huh?

Leader Board List!
1st Place, Yurdis Astor 100,000,000
2nd Place, Ronaldod 50,000,000
3rd Place, FARUITHER 38,000,000

PatchyThePirate 30,000,000
manannan 20,000,000
Fridus 20,000,000
Angelo Malvagio 20,000,000
Tchu 20,000,000
Cr'ank 15,000,000
Evette 15,000,000
CapSky 10,000,000
Wolf Primus 10,000,000
Pearl Necklace 10,000,000
Cerberus Expert 10,000,000
cerial killerz 10,000,000
Sk1f 10,000,000
Zapravlijivka 5,000,000
Harmon Illuminati 5,000,000
Pretzil 5,000,000
Banzai OdiN 5,000,000
Mealka 5,000,000
Ace Secunda 5,000,000
Qwaar'Jet 5,000,000
Violanter 5,000,000
Quaar'Jet 5,000,000
lord shadowlight 4,000,000
Tren21000 3,000,000
Drinen 3,000,000
Erdain 2,000,000
Moxii 2,000,000
Zafira Nasr 1,500,000

The following are the others who sent 1 Million ISK;

scutternut, BorisHotch, Miss Magic, Seeshin Shooga, MAXX MAYFIELD, Jessica Lynch, Ashini, Kaelen Mosar, Dortary Bodram, Aluminium Disaster, Groot Piel, dmiral IceBlock, Sashenka, roboto212, Mr Wolverine, SAMMOTTRAM.

Sorry to all the rest of you, who i have missed from the list.

Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Ok now I am officially lost for words…

I’m in the Jita local channel and again some noob is spamming the channel after every post I’m trying to sell something, referencing them to my scams on the forums. So I’m laughing and make a comment how people are to stupid and despite all the warnings in the world there is still brain less fools who will fall for a scam despite everything, and talk about my last escapade in Jita, which I called the Dip-Shit Radar.

So I copy the post in the channel so they could see what I was talking about and how stupid people are.

“Yes i am the guy who stole 75Billion ISK in assets and ISK, i feel generous today so have 1 Billion isk to give away for FREE... what ever you send me i will send back x10 more.”

Well two players then send me 1 ISK each so I sent them 10 back as I knew they where messing around an know me. However I only get sent a further 12 Million ISK, one of which was 10Million by one person alone and the other two send me 1 Million each, I’m like WTF is going on.

Valeryana - 10 Million
Rougue Clone - 1 Million
Ninev0lts - 1 Million

So while I am somewhat a little shocked to whats just happened and letting the locals know, the above are asking for there isk and sending me mails

“I sent you 1mill, gunna live up to your x10 thing or not?”

While actually updating my blog while this is fresh in my mind, and checking the local channel someone quotes my above post and then I get another 11 Million ISK sent.

Cooolllll – 10 Million ISK
Daniel Jackson – 1 Million ISK

Well what can I say apart from are these people allowed to be left alone in there own company? Lets hope they really where born with just the one brain cell because I fear they have more than one, they might rub together and create a fire.

Friday, 9 February 2007

Dip-Shit Radar

While in Jita trying to sell some of my BPOS; some stolen some not, I was a little bored just sat in my shuttle spamming the local with my WTS posts so I decided to have some fun and try a very obvious scam, it was so obvious in fact that I thought who ever falls for this as I’m sure you’ll agree when you read on is a certified dip-shit.

Starting of I posted the following in the local channel:

“1Billion isk to give away... anyone who sends me 1 Million isk, i will send 2 Million back”

Well it did get a few people laughing and no interest at all really, so instead I decided to raise the anti a little bit, see if we can rely on good old fashioned greed and temptation.

“Yes i am the guy who stole 75Billion ISK in assets and ISK, i feel generous today so have 1 Billion isk to give away for FREE... send me 1 Million ISK and i will send 10 Million back”

Now this message for anyone with half a brain cell should know it’s a scam if not already, I even admit to my past behaviour and several of the guys in the local channel are calling me a scammer etc.


Within one minute I got my first fishy named “DiNoer”, he was lucky actually as I needed him to backup my claims so I actually sent him 10Million ISK back as promised, who then in turn would do all the advertising for me.

Still only managing to catch one other guy so I changed my post a little bit and kept with;

“Yes i am the guy who stole 75Billion ISK in assets and ISK, i feel generous today so have 1 Billion isk to give away for FREE... what ever you send me i will send back x10 more.”

What I got then was more little people sending me very small amounts but this was good, because I could payout on a couple and get them also backing my claims up as well, I kept this up for a good 30mins, sending low payment and keeping the large ones, I did however send another guy 5 Million ISK who sent me 500k.

After a while though the others who started sending the 1Million here and 2Million there started speaking up which I fobbed of with “my wallet is going mental, please hold on and wait your turn”, still people where sending ISK in, because others where confirming they actually got 10x more back to what they sent.

The odd player here and there was claiming all these where my alts lol, however the fact is I didn’t use any alts as I really wanted to test my new dip-shit radar out.

At this moment I think I was about even with the 2 large payouts of 5 and 10 Million ISK, however good old fashioned GREED kicked in and the stupid guys sent back there ISK in hope for more, oh dear as I laughed to my self while the phrase “quit while your ahead springs to mind”, at this point I stopped sending ISK and just let what ever was out there come in.

In the end I think I only made 10-15Million ISK profit, but it was so funny and was well worth it.

The following is some comments I would like to share with you all, which made me laugh, from both the victims and spectators.

“I can get you banned for not following up on a promise.Please send me 10M aas promised”

As I read this comment I did wonder how many petitions the GM’s got that afternoon with a nice grin on my face.

“Captain Vampire > I think romeo has generated more petitions than isk from this”

I think this just about sums it all up.

“takeaway1031 > ok he admits to being a thief and you guys are sending him money lets think about how smart this really is”

“takeaway1031 > hay romeo i give you props ive never seen anyone tell everyone they where a thief and get them to give them money on false hope frigin funny how stupid people could be”

I would like to say thanks for all them who made this possible :)

Malum Letum
Captain Vampire
Super Kilos

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Eve Extended Down Time.

Well due to the extended down time today, I thought I would still dedicated my time to eve and complete another one of my blog entries which is over due. This one is called Templer Relleg Round 2

I have post dated it to keep with the rolling events of my scamming adventures.

Tuesday, 9 January 2007


Just to let you all know the progress of my blog is taking longer than expected, at the moment i am going though all my chat logs, for times dates etc and publishing them as one long rolling event, as you can see with the current blog entries.

There’s a lot to go though so please be patient, and keep coming back.

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Roy 2006

After hanging out my dirty lining it seem there is still people out there who don’t know about my research scam, and contacting me. So I say still take advantage and see how far I can take it.

A guy who I was researching some blueprints for contacted me tonight, at first I though here we go, he’s seen the thread and come to vent some steam or beg for them back. Instead he says: “just checking on my BPO's”.

Thinking to my self, he doesn’t even know what’s happened or gone on in the past few days I will see if I can scam him, so I carry on to say that his blueprints are ready for him to collect, and then interrupt the convo with a request to borrow some ISK quickly.

Knowing that this guy doesn’t generally have much ISK from previous dealings in the past I made some excuse that I was 50 Million ISK short and I needed to claim an item from the escrow/contract and would only need it for 10mins or so. He agreed to this and transferred the funds right away.

Carrying on the pretence, I sent him a link to my Confession Thread and said check this guy out, this was my subtle way of telling him he’s just been scammed, where his next statement was a picture to be framed.
10 minutes later. “dude did you just scam me?”

Chat Log