Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Eve Extended Down Time.

Well due to the extended down time today, I thought I would still dedicated my time to eve and complete another one of my blog entries which is over due. This one is called Templer Relleg Round 2

I have post dated it to keep with the rolling events of my scamming adventures.


Anonymous said...

Just read through your entire Blog was great mate lol.

I See your tryign to sell a Raven bpo - you gonna try and scam people on that one too? keep up the hard work

Zephyr Zhang

R0ME0 said...

nah, i own a lot of assets my self, besides its also time to sell some of them nice assets i stole from everyone.

Anonymous said...

im glad that i was the only one to catch u out for being a corp theif and then get mates to go and blow ur pos up lol well worth the best thing was knowing that ur corp mates paid for ur mistakes lol and still do much love