Friday, 9 February 2007

Dip-Shit Radar

While in Jita trying to sell some of my BPOS; some stolen some not, I was a little bored just sat in my shuttle spamming the local with my WTS posts so I decided to have some fun and try a very obvious scam, it was so obvious in fact that I thought who ever falls for this as I’m sure you’ll agree when you read on is a certified dip-shit.

Starting of I posted the following in the local channel:

“1Billion isk to give away... anyone who sends me 1 Million isk, i will send 2 Million back”

Well it did get a few people laughing and no interest at all really, so instead I decided to raise the anti a little bit, see if we can rely on good old fashioned greed and temptation.

“Yes i am the guy who stole 75Billion ISK in assets and ISK, i feel generous today so have 1 Billion isk to give away for FREE... send me 1 Million ISK and i will send 10 Million back”

Now this message for anyone with half a brain cell should know it’s a scam if not already, I even admit to my past behaviour and several of the guys in the local channel are calling me a scammer etc.


Within one minute I got my first fishy named “DiNoer”, he was lucky actually as I needed him to backup my claims so I actually sent him 10Million ISK back as promised, who then in turn would do all the advertising for me.

Still only managing to catch one other guy so I changed my post a little bit and kept with;

“Yes i am the guy who stole 75Billion ISK in assets and ISK, i feel generous today so have 1 Billion isk to give away for FREE... what ever you send me i will send back x10 more.”

What I got then was more little people sending me very small amounts but this was good, because I could payout on a couple and get them also backing my claims up as well, I kept this up for a good 30mins, sending low payment and keeping the large ones, I did however send another guy 5 Million ISK who sent me 500k.

After a while though the others who started sending the 1Million here and 2Million there started speaking up which I fobbed of with “my wallet is going mental, please hold on and wait your turn”, still people where sending ISK in, because others where confirming they actually got 10x more back to what they sent.

The odd player here and there was claiming all these where my alts lol, however the fact is I didn’t use any alts as I really wanted to test my new dip-shit radar out.

At this moment I think I was about even with the 2 large payouts of 5 and 10 Million ISK, however good old fashioned GREED kicked in and the stupid guys sent back there ISK in hope for more, oh dear as I laughed to my self while the phrase “quit while your ahead springs to mind”, at this point I stopped sending ISK and just let what ever was out there come in.

In the end I think I only made 10-15Million ISK profit, but it was so funny and was well worth it.

The following is some comments I would like to share with you all, which made me laugh, from both the victims and spectators.

“I can get you banned for not following up on a promise.Please send me 10M aas promised”

As I read this comment I did wonder how many petitions the GM’s got that afternoon with a nice grin on my face.

“Captain Vampire > I think romeo has generated more petitions than isk from this”

I think this just about sums it all up.

“takeaway1031 > ok he admits to being a thief and you guys are sending him money lets think about how smart this really is”

“takeaway1031 > hay romeo i give you props ive never seen anyone tell everyone they where a thief and get them to give them money on false hope frigin funny how stupid people could be”

I would like to say thanks for all them who made this possible :)

Malum Letum
Captain Vampire
Super Kilos


Dentara Rast said...

Awesome man, been following your blog since day one. From one scammer to another keep up the hillarious work :)

Anonymous said...

nice work wish i could pull off stuff like this.