Thursday, 22 February 2007

Eve Radio DJ – PAWNED

This scam has actually made me some serious ISK, in to the 2 Billion mark now I think.

Well thought I would hit the eve-radio channel again, started posting my free ISK offer and they were all on my case, I think because they all know each other in that dam room and I hit one of them hard the other day.

Then DJ URRI asks what I am doing, so as I reply with “giving ISK away” and send him 500k to distract him from what I might be doing is a scam. Next thing I have a private convo request open from him.

So curious I start the convo and next I know I have got him to send me 10 Million ISK on the basis he might receive 100 Million back, oh dear.


Anonymous said...

Haha, hann urri er fyndinn kall.

haha, urri is a funny guy.

there ya go :Þ

Anonymous said...

Me agin mate Zephyr Zhang
First off congrats on an awesome blog - everyone i know reads it :).

Second whats your wallet like today?? been buying yourself anything nice recently?

Zephyr Zhang out

R0ME0 said...


My wallets not to bad, i spent a lot of it on new toon, purchased 3 all together but sold one the otherday... :(..

currently looking for a NYX mothership to pawn them shuttles :)

Anonymous said...

rofl you only got 1 bill in your wallet -.- nubbin,

R0ME0 said...

yeah thats how much i made from that scam. for the past couple of days.

I generally keep all my isk in my banker alt, or corp wallet. Just incase something happens to my account. :P

Anonymous said...

I know you probably dont wanna here this but I think you are really a good guy at heart
In fact you should probably be sainted.

You are obviosley relieving these people of the huge burden of owning isk,
it seems like it is too much responsibility for them.

At least if they get scammed ingame , they might learn something.
You are educating them in the harsh realities of life,
maybe now when the RL scammers knock on there door they might think twice before investing in that 6 legged super horse breding program.


Keep up the good work St Romeo.

Anonymous said...

great job so far mate, but i reckon a new scam is in order, the one about promising to give x10 back is nice and as made u a very good proffit, but sincerely... is it fun anymore ? its getting old and ppl are copying it (or so u say). time to move on and "invent" a new scam ?

An Eve Player said...

Mate, i like this stuff i think its really lol.

I would say though and not as a criticizm at all, try something more imaginative, i enjoy reading this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Jesus. These idiots are smart enough to type on a pc keyboard but dumb enough to fall for a basic lie like this?

Maybe your next scam might involve some wit on your part? If you listen to The Streets, one of his tunes sets out a very nice plan involving a dog that you could adapt for Eve. It's gotta be more fun than this kiddy stuff, surely.