Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The Switch - Stage 1

This is so dam funny,

It doesnt take a genius to work out a lot of people would like to see me suffer and die in the game, so i thought mmm how could i capitalise on such an idea. Then it came to me...

start a "KILL R0ME0 FUND!"

Okey so how do i get people to send me the ISK, as i cant obvously use r0me0 for this and will need to uncover one of my alts which has been in a corp for a while, i was planning to use this alt for corp theift but never mind this is more fun.

POA ( Plan Of Action)

1. Start a slaggin match between r0me0 and my secrect alt.
2. Initialize a War Dec on mentioned alts and his corp, can use privateers for this, will look more legit.

3. Start a KILL R0ME0 FUND! campain.
4. Pocket the FUNDS!

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