Wednesday, 14 February 2007


Ok now I am officially lost for words…

I’m in the Jita local channel and again some noob is spamming the channel after every post I’m trying to sell something, referencing them to my scams on the forums. So I’m laughing and make a comment how people are to stupid and despite all the warnings in the world there is still brain less fools who will fall for a scam despite everything, and talk about my last escapade in Jita, which I called the Dip-Shit Radar.

So I copy the post in the channel so they could see what I was talking about and how stupid people are.

“Yes i am the guy who stole 75Billion ISK in assets and ISK, i feel generous today so have 1 Billion isk to give away for FREE... what ever you send me i will send back x10 more.”

Well two players then send me 1 ISK each so I sent them 10 back as I knew they where messing around an know me. However I only get sent a further 12 Million ISK, one of which was 10Million by one person alone and the other two send me 1 Million each, I’m like WTF is going on.

Valeryana - 10 Million
Rougue Clone - 1 Million
Ninev0lts - 1 Million

So while I am somewhat a little shocked to whats just happened and letting the locals know, the above are asking for there isk and sending me mails

“I sent you 1mill, gunna live up to your x10 thing or not?”

While actually updating my blog while this is fresh in my mind, and checking the local channel someone quotes my above post and then I get another 11 Million ISK sent.

Cooolllll – 10 Million ISK
Daniel Jackson – 1 Million ISK

Well what can I say apart from are these people allowed to be left alone in there own company? Lets hope they really where born with just the one brain cell because I fear they have more than one, they might rub together and create a fire.


Z Trader said...

I was there, send you 1 isk and got 10 isk in return \o/
It was fun to read Jita local :)

Keep up the nice blog, great fun to read :)

Anonymous said...

Daniel Jackson lol

No surprises there

Asmodai Brim said...

LMAO Daniel Jackson just can't seem to stop looking stupid. :D

adrianx7 said...

Some ppl must not have a head, otherwise they will think ?

But Well done, me not a scammer, but congrats on what you do, if ppl are that silly they deserve it

fangman said...

I was passing through Jita at the time, and couldn't belive the idiots who didn't notice it wasn't a scam. Also, as i remember, the person making the annoncments was about a year old, maybe less. I am SURE the big Eve scam happened more than 2 years ago.

lol, some people are real idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hihi, awesome ... you got yourself a dedicated blog reader here now ;)

Trigo said...

Dear god its still work for u good work.

Anonymous said...

its amazing how trusting ppl can be... 10M is a petty scam tbh but the other ones were very good.

hats off for the good scams mate.

R0ME0 said...

Well i actually got 50mill and even 100mill sent to me today which i will post about in my new blog post :)))

Anonymous said...

Awesome work once again. I'm shock that people still fall for this, despite you publishing your scams. When I saw Yarr Boi today with this, I instantly recognized who work it was. I did make 15 mil off your scam by sending 500k amounts from various alts, but you caugth on to the low amounts after awhile. Did you ended the event with a profit? seems like so...100 mil lol...well i benefited from this i all good lol

ket halpak said...

hahahaha OMFG
I cant belive people will keep sending you ISK even after you tell them your a scammer, twice in a row!

Here, have 0.1 ISK

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you risk the 120 mil to send them back ?? Chicken lol. You could have made much more.

Equium Duo said...

I know daniel jackson, that guy is a sick little puppy. You don't want to know some of the things he has said in corp chat. Very disturbing.