Friday, 16 February 2007

x10 ISK, Last Thoughts

Well Thursday was a very fruitful day, After the night before events I realised there’s just to many noobs with to much ISK who are all just to dumb, so I’m going to take all there ISK from them.

So I posted what’s now becoming my famous scam post…

“Yes i am the guy who stole 75Billion ISK in assets and ISK, i feel generous today so have 1 Billion isk to give away for FREE... what ever you send me i will send back x10 more.”

I say this because every wanabe scammer is jumping on the band wagon now and using this scam, some so lazy they don’t even edit the post at all. I guess I can only take this as a complement.

I camped the Jita Local Channel again purely because that’s where all the noob’s hang out and the population there is in the mid hundreds.

As usual I was up against a lot of players constantly saying this is a scam warning people off and actually pointing everyone to this Blog, what’s funny is anyone with have a brain cell would come check the Blog out at least and when here would know without a doubt this is a scam and there going to loose there ISK.

Yet people ignore this and carry on regardless, I do wonder if any of these people actually play an important role in real life because I am starting to worry now lol.

Some of the comments where so funny emailing me and saying things like “are you going to keep your word, and send me my isk”, oh dear… not being rude I reply to there eve mails keeping it to the point with a nice “No” as a response.

After checking my wallet today and only acknowledging all them who sent over 1 Million ISK I have list of 47 players who send me ISK, this does not include the others who sent less, yes OMG they are in deed all retards, how they have managed to live so long I don’t know.

For fun I think I will post all the names of the players who sent me 1 Million Plus, its in the format of a leader board so you can actually see how much people where sending me and what the most amount was, lol. You never know maybe you could email these guys and ask for some fee ISK shouldn’t be to hard to get it from them huh?

Leader Board List!
1st Place, Yurdis Astor 100,000,000
2nd Place, Ronaldod 50,000,000
3rd Place, FARUITHER 38,000,000

PatchyThePirate 30,000,000
manannan 20,000,000
Fridus 20,000,000
Angelo Malvagio 20,000,000
Tchu 20,000,000
Cr'ank 15,000,000
Evette 15,000,000
CapSky 10,000,000
Wolf Primus 10,000,000
Pearl Necklace 10,000,000
Cerberus Expert 10,000,000
cerial killerz 10,000,000
Sk1f 10,000,000
Zapravlijivka 5,000,000
Harmon Illuminati 5,000,000
Pretzil 5,000,000
Banzai OdiN 5,000,000
Mealka 5,000,000
Ace Secunda 5,000,000
Qwaar'Jet 5,000,000
Violanter 5,000,000
Quaar'Jet 5,000,000
lord shadowlight 4,000,000
Tren21000 3,000,000
Drinen 3,000,000
Erdain 2,000,000
Moxii 2,000,000
Zafira Nasr 1,500,000

The following are the others who sent 1 Million ISK;

scutternut, BorisHotch, Miss Magic, Seeshin Shooga, MAXX MAYFIELD, Jessica Lynch, Ashini, Kaelen Mosar, Dortary Bodram, Aluminium Disaster, Groot Piel, dmiral IceBlock, Sashenka, roboto212, Mr Wolverine, SAMMOTTRAM.

Sorry to all the rest of you, who i have missed from the list.


Anonymous said...

isk sent, waiting for me cash :p

W!ll!iam said...

very nice. hope your next one is just as good. we little people get so much isk trying to save up for battleships ;)

Anonymous said...

hey romeo, Scutternut here lol ...

U didn't publish the reason code i typed with the "donation" i gave ya lol... we all know its a scam. i think the reason i put up was "LoL, just for giggles" I feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog!

See ya lagging in jita.


Anonymous said...

It is Admiral IceBlock thank you! :)

xiko said...

big LOL. made my day.